Roller Coaster Life

Being a founder is an unhealthy pursuit at times. Startups are a full-contact sport.

If there's one thing that all entrepreneurs would agree about, it's that entrepreneurship is very much like a rollercoaster ride. It has it's ups, downs and all of the blurry parts in-between, which makes it a rewarding, but incredibly challenging journey. This book tells the stories (from other founders) to help you through this ride.

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Featured Founder Stories

On Validation


"A quick test of a decent idea is trying to sell it." ~ Dan Martell

On Starting


"I wish I would have jumped in the deep end sooner though." ~ Wade Foster

On Quitting


"You don’t need to dream about quitting one day. Just start doing the things that will enable you to quit someday." ~ Garrett Dimon

On Fear


"I wasn’t afraid of being shot to death, I was afraid of being outed as a fraud." ~ Sarah Hatter

On Feeling Down


"If you are feeling down one day, my advice is to talk to a happy customer." ~ Josh Breinlinger

On Motivation


"Waiting for motivation to move your butt is just a clever way to avoid taking responsibility." ~ Amy Hoy

On Productivity


"Productivity comes from managing the energy you invest, not the things you do." ~ Dan Martell

On Shipping


"Even if I know my first version is going to be terrible or I'll get criticism, I'd rather have something out there." ~ Nate Kontny

On Taking A Break


"Staying cooped up in your office is not as productive as it seems. Your inbox can wait." ~ Spencer Fry

On Work+Life Balance


"When you are truly passionate about something the line between the traditional definition of work and life blur." ~ Micah Baldwin

On Startups


"I’ve always believed that being a founder is an unhealthy pursuit at times. Startups are a full-contact sport." ~ Jason Calacanis

On Regret


"Before I die, I want to take as many swings at the fence as I can." ~ Ben Huh

On Loneliness


"We keep things to ourselves, because no one else talks about the difficulties of starting a business." ~ Elizabeth Yin

On Success


"You need to be passionately interested in your customers' success for you to also become successful." ~ Todd Garland

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